Our private transport service was established in 2014 with the client-driver relationship as the central focus. That’s why our clients are encouraged to contact our drivers directly to arrange and schedule transport.  It’s been said “if a secretary answers the phone, you’re about to pay too much,” and our unique network approach ensures that that will never happen. At J&E, our drivers run the show.

We are all happy to provide you with complimentary water whether you’re travelling to the airport, beyond the DFW metroplex, or just 5 blocks up the road. With drivers local to Fort Worth who know the back roads to almost anywhere, you can rest assured that we’ll get you to your destination in a timely manner. We even have a couple of drivers skilled at safely navigating icy and snowy conditions!

I’m sure there are other good drivers around, but there’s absolutely no substitution for the one who remembers my kids’ names. I’m so glad to be able to work directly with him instead of getting a different driver every time.
-Steve A.