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About App

About the App

J&E On Demand is an on-demand mobile app. It competes specifically with UberBLACK and UberSUV as a luxury taxi service with a moderate to high price-point and commercially insured, limousine licensed independent drivers.

We are providing this app to you because we know the luxury categories of rideshare services are suffering right now, leaving you many local users without options for their in-town and last-minute transportation needs. Further, many of Fort Worth’s best drivers have been removed from such platforms in a bizarre move by the tech giant, resulting in slower response times and lower quality of driver in their luxury categories.


About the Drivers

The J&E On Demand application is for both IOS and Android and comes at a price point similar to Uber BLACK and SUV. It is a luxury item. However, the J&E Private Drivers team is only a small group of 4 full time drivers. Therefore, we will be partnering with independent contractors outside of our company to help provide coverage for your needs. We will be inviting such drivers by direct invitation as a measure to control the quality of service. Even so, the service provided by the individual driver in an on-demand setting should not be a reflection of how we operate as a scheduled business when clients are able to plan their trips in advance with our inner circle of professional drivers. Planning ahead is the best and most reliable way to get quality service from the J&E team or a small, carefully selected group of affiliate drivers. J&E On Demand goes beyond that inner circle to provide additional coverage. This combined with the last-minute nature of on-demand service may impact the quality as compared to our scheduled services.

Thank you for your business. If you have any questions, or want to become a J&E client outside of this mobile app, please contact us:

817-415-0617 (office)