About Us

About J&E

J&E Private Drivers was founded in 2014. It is headquartered near downtown Fort Worth and currently operates on a dual business model…



On the one side we are a traditional chauffeur service: a central office that is set up to assist clients with logistically intricate reservations, multi-vehicle runs and detailed plans. If you are a new client, have a complex need, or just prefer to communicate with office staff, we can deliver the high-end experience you have come to expect from this luxury industry.

On the one side we are a boutique private driving company that empowers each individual driver to be an all-in-all personal concierge for a book of local clients. They have autonomy as individuals and 24/7 access to a company SUV. Plus, we support them with the resources of the central office. That means you can call them directly, and they can serve you one-on-one with a personalized service that an office can’t match. No automated phone system, no relaying information through an office dispatcher. Just instant VIP support direct from client to driver. 


Collectively we serve the entire DFW metro area including both commercial airports (DFW/DAL) and all private airports. Each individual driver’s service area varies, but based on where they live within the metroplex. They fulfill pre-arranged reservations across the metro area, but may also offer on-call services and same-day bookings for their own local clientele.


My team has a high standard for local knowledge


Every driver carries the authority of the company


The secret is in the client-driver relationship


DFW’s Concierge-Style Chauffeur Service