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We have a standard rate for each vehicle. However, those rates can vary when demand spikes or falls. Because of that, your quote today may be different than the same trip under different circumstances.

Below are the standard rates. Your quote can be based on a higher or lower rate depending on a number of factors. If you would like to call to negotiate a lower one-time rate during a slow weekday afternoon please do so at 817-415-0617. Likewise, if you book online for a high demand day such as the Playoffs, New Year’s Eve, or Formula One Racing, we may request additional payment or cancel the reservation and issue a refund (your choice). Our online booking form can only generate quotes based on the standard rate and does not account for demand or wait time. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes. If changes are to be requested, it will be done shortly after your online booking so that you have plenty of time to make alternate arrangements and receive a refund in the event that you do not agree to the changes we’ve made. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Rates (gratuity optional)

$100.00/hour (Sedan Rate)

$120.00/hour (SUV Rate)

$170.00/hour (Exec Sprinter)

$220.00/hour (Limo Sprinter)

*Only the first $10 are included on any trips that accrue tolls. Rush hour typically will be adjusted for higher tolls. 


For a point to point one-way service we estimate your trip based on the round trip time for the driver PLUS loading and unloading time. If you are in the vehicle for 40 minutes non-stop from Fort Worth to Dallas, for example, we may charge 90 minutes (40 travel time + 40 dead-head time + 10 loading/unloading). That comes to $150 for a sedan or $180 for an SUV. Any extra stops, extra pickups, or a late departure may impact this as those events all add time to the service.


For charter services where the driver is in your service for a block of time, we charge from the pickup location until service is complete. If the end location is different than the start location we may add extra time to allow the driver to get back to the starting point. These services do come in minimum blocks of time ranging from 3 to 6 hours depending on the demand. You are always welcome to use more than the minimum, but if you use less we still charge the minimum number of hours.


(Transfer) + (Prep time) + (Standby Time)

Events are special and have their own methodology for structuring the quote. If you are not hiring us by the hour for your event, we may incorporate any or all of the above elements into the quote: Transfer / dead-head drive time, Standby time, and Prep/ cleanup time. A private event like a wedding may have prep time included for adding the “Just Married” sign and setting up champagne w/ ice and glasses. On the other hand, public events like a Cowboy’s game may only require standby time when we must arrive early to avoid traffic blockades.

As with certain restaurants, we also have a “secret menu” that we don’t advertise, but is available for those who are in the know.



(Retail Rate) + (Upcharge to Clear Schedule)

If there is a specific driver you need or if we are fully booked but you only want to ride with one of our drivers (not an affiliate), just let us know. It might be a bit more to bump another customer to a different driver, but when it’s worth it it’s worth it.


Short Notice

(Retail Rate) + (Upcharge)

You can also reach out directly to a driver you’ve worked with in the past to get short-notice service. Each driver is also a booking concierge who keeps a company SUV close at hand. So if you find yourself in a pinch, we may be able to bail you out last minute.



(Retail Rate) + (10% Coordination)

Finally, when you need a vehicle we don’t have (like a charter bus or mini-bus), or when you’re traveling to a place we don’t serve (anywhere outside of DFW), we can help with the hassle  of making those arrangements. We’ll even pay for the service ourselves so your payment info stays secure with J&E. The total for this service is just 10% higher than what you would pay if you hired them directly.