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These are the rates that we use to calculate your fare. We apply each vehicle’s base rate into the formulas below to generate your quote.


Standard Rates (gratuity NOT included)

$85.00/hour (Sedan Rate)

$99.00/hour (SUV Rate)

$152.00/hour (Exec Sprinter)

$195.00/hour (Limo Sprinter)

*Only the first $10 are included on any trips that accrue tolls. Rush hour typically will be adjusted for higher tolls. 


(Hourly rate) x (driver’s total time from pickup to end of service).

For most Charters, we do not add travel time to and from your pickup location. Exceptions may apply for services that start and end outside of our primary service area.

(3 hour Minimum Applies, 4-6 hours for specialty vehicles)


(Time from pickup to drop off) + (Dead-head time back home) + (10% Vehicle Wear & Fuel)

For scheduled transfers, we calculate this price in advance and convert it to a fixed rate so that there are no surprises if the route changes due to traffic. Extra stops vary in duration and may add standby time to your estimate.


(Transfer) + (Prep time) + (Standby Time)

Every event is different. If you decide not to charter us, but want a one-way transfer or round trip service instead, let us provide a quote based on our past experience. Cowboy’s games, for example, will be very different from a Wedding sendoff.


(Retail Rate) + (Upcharge to Clear Schedule)

There may be a time when your favorite driver is already booked, but you really want him or her for a VIP client because of your relationship to that driver and your confidence in their abilities. In that case, we will work to clear his or her schedule. You pay the regular rate plus an amount to cover the driver’s opportunity cost, which we will negotiate with you to make things fair for the driver on a case-by-case basis. Communication is key. If there’s something you need, there’s a way for you to have it.


(Retail Rate) + (10% Coordination)

When you need a vehicle we don’t have (like a charter bus or mini-bus), or when you’re traveling to a place we don’t serve (anywhere outside of DFW), we can help with the hassle  of making those arrangements. We’ll even pay for the service ourselves so your payment info stays secure with J&E. The total for this service is (their rates) + (10% coordination fee).