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My business runs a bit differently than other services. Instead of reserving all the control for myself, I put you in control of how you are served. That means four options


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When my girls fly into town, I always plan to pick them up myself. But sometimes work gets in the way. We all trust Jeff! And I appreciate that he doesn’t need 12 hours advanced notice like other services. He’s always there to help with last minute changes to my schedule.

Shannon McCourt, #Uber Alternative

I was co-hosting a baby-shower at a private ranch near Glen Rose, Texas. Of all things I left the gift at my office in downtown Fort Worth. Jeff was able to coordinate with our building’s security, retrieve the gift and deliver it right to the ranch. We were able to have our gift for our dear friends and did not have to even consider leaving the party...

-Kim Johnson, #Delivery/ Personal Assistant

This is why I will always use Jeff’s service. My neighbor and I were going to Cabo and he forgot his passport. But we didn’t miss the flight! Jeff went back to get it while we went through TSA. I don’t know of any other scenario where that would have been possible.

-Andy Eldridge, #Hot Shot Service

When we were leaving the Rodeo, one of my guests unknowingly dropped her phone as she was getting into the vehicle. She did not realize it until we were almost home. Jeff quickly contacted another driver on his team who was in the area and provided the location where we had been parked. The other driver found the phone... This saved the guest from having to replace a $1000+ phone and all the time and frustration associated with such replacement. This type of service is truly outstanding.

-JC Johnson, #Delivery/ Personal Assistant

My family likes to fly to Aspen, but we also like to have our own car there. Mike makes the 14 hour drive in our vehicle and drops it off at our Aspen home before we land. It’s an amazing service and allows us to have a lot more of our personal items than we could ever take on the plane.

-Billy F. #Delivery/ Personal Assistant