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My Service Philosophy

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In my experience, the best service comes from people who are handsomely rewarded for the outcome they produce. That’s why I and my drivers are all empowered and encouraged to win direct repeat business from within the company’s clientele. Unlike other companies who force you to communicate only through the office then assign rides to employee drivers randomly, each member of my team knows that they can earn your exclusive business. Further, they know that earning the preference of a lot of customers means earning more income and gaining more control of their livelihood. This, in turn, draws the best effort from each individual and encourages rapid self-improvement.

Left to Right: Mike (business partner), Jeff (founder), Jeff’s family (Sarah, Stormie, James)

Like working with other chauffeur services, you are always welcome to book through our office, as can your friends & family, the company you work for and any other referrals you might have. And in some circumstances, that is the best choice. But as a J&E customer, you also have the incredible choice and privilege to go direct; build rapport and get direct access to someone who has a vehicle by their side 24/7 and will only grow more capable as they get to know you, your social circles, your industry, and your lifestyle.

If this is the type of service you or your company would like to utilize, please download the J&E Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play store. There you will find the direct phone number and service location of all of my manager-level chauffeurs as well as the office phone number. If you like your experience with one or two drivers in particular, you have my blessing as the owner of the company to save their number(s) to your phone and make them your preferred point(s) of contact and private concierge(s) for future reservations and customer support. Anything they are skilled enough and willing to do for you, they have the liberty and autonomy to do as a J&E driver. That includes same-day and short notice reservations, transporting family, picking up and delivering goods, or even picking up and storing a box that was delivered to your front porch the day you left for a vacation (so it doesn’t get stolen).

Is Gratuity Included?

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